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Interest Rates

Listed below are the current interest rates being applied by fundsdirect fund supermarket. If you have any question regarding these rates please contact us.
interest rates
Balance - % on each wrapper
0 - 0.00
Last Updated: 15:10 on 03/05/17

When calculating interest due we will sum cash balances on the Deposit accounts, Reserve accounts and Income accounts within each wrapper under the clients' portfolios. The sum of these cash balances will then be used to determine which interest rate will apply (using the above tiers) and interest will then be calculated on a daily basis and applied to the clients' accounts monthly.

We will earn a margin on the interest received on client monies, this margin will depend upon the aggregate interest paid to clients and the interest rate received from banks with whom we deposit client monies. The average interest rates paid to clients and the prevailing rates will change on a daily basis.